About Us

Roadbreakers is a group of volunteers who, for no other reasons than their love of road hockey, kids and community, organize an annual road hockey tournament for boys and girls between the ages of 8 to 15. We have a long and interesting history which has consistently provided excitement for our community, generated proceeds for local charities and put smiles on the faces of young people in the city of Waterloo year after year for over 29 years.

We invite you to read about our history, learn about our mission (below) and charity of choice or simply take a moment to enjoy some of the testimonials and press that we have collected along the way.

Our Mission

By promoting the Canadian grass roots sport of road hockey, Roadbreakers is committed to organizing the Annual Waterloo Road Hockey Tournament. By doing so, more young people can enjoy the game of road hockey, participate in a fun, unique all-day community event and help raise more proceeds for local youth charities.