1. Teams must have four players: three players out and one goalie.

2. Substitution is not allowed.

3. All participants must wear a CSA approved helmet and full face protector at all times during play. Note for the 2 adult divisions helmets are recommended but not mandatory. Ice hockey equipment is permitted. Goalie pads of any sort are not permitted.

4. Each game is 20 minutes long (straight time), with two 10 minute halves. A face-off at centre starts both halves. A one minute break will be provided between periods.

5. Possession: The last player to touch the ball before going out of bounds must forfeit the ball to the opposing team at the point of exit. Ample tennis balls will be made available at each playing site.

6. A 3-minute penalty will be assessed to a player for any of the following infractions:

  • Slashing
  • Tripping
  • Body Contact
  • Slapshots beyond centre
  • Abusive language

When a goal is scored by the opposing team, the penalized team will return to full strength.

7. No offsides or face-offs. Whistles are only to be blown for infractions and to end both periods.

8. When a goal is scored, the team scored upon is given centre.

9. Goalies are not allowed to cross centre.

10. Tied games will result in a shoot-out, whereby each player is given a shot on net (a total of 3 shots per team) in order to break the tied game. If a tie still exists, then one shot is given to a player in turn on each team until the tie is broken.

11. Games will not be rescheduled. If a team does not arrive within 5 minutes of game time, they shall default their game.

12. The site co-ordinator’s word is final!

13. We reserve the right to eject anyone, player or spectator, for questionable conduct.