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Boys or Mixed Tournament

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Boys & Mixed 05 – 07  *see round robin format below*

Boys & Mixed 03-04

Boys & Mixed 01-02

Boys & Mixed 99 – 00  *see round robin format below*

Boys & Mixed 17-30 yr olds

Boys & Mixed 30+ yr old  *see round robin format below*

Girls Only Tournament

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Girls 03 – 04  *see round robin format below*

Girls 02 – 00  *see round robin format below*


Round-Robin format for age divisions with teams of 9 or less
Teams will play the games as outlined in the schedule. At the end of the schedule, the top 2 teams will play one championship game to determine the division winner. The top 2 teams will be determined by their record at the end of the round-robin schedule. If there
is a tie, the tie will be broken by the following tie-breaker 1 – Head to head record (i.e. if one team beat the other team in a schedule game, that winning team will advance to the championship) 2 – If they did not play each other in the schedule, we will determine their
goal differential (total goals for minus total goals against), and the team with the largest differential will advance. NOTE that in the event of a shoot out, the final score will be a 1 goal deficit) 3 – If still tied, the team to advance will be decided with a coin flip.

Divisions that have odd number of teams
One team will play an extra game in the schedule. Their record in the round robin schedule will be determined by the best 3 games, dropping their worst game ( biggest loss or closest win) from their record for determining who goes to the championship