The tournament is a great day for the kids and all of those involved. It is a very well organized tournament with the proceeds benefiting many worthwhile charities. We’re proud to continue our sponsorship of this event.

Mark Fackoury, Fackoury’s Building Supplies Ltd.


Growing up in the hockey hot bed of Ontario there wasn’t much time for pastimes other than ice hockey. When I wasn’t practicing or playing ice hockey as a child I was outside playing road hockey with my neighborhood friends. We would start playing road hockey once we got home from school and not stop until our moms yelled “dinner” or until darkness fell which ever came first. It wasn’t until the Waterloo Roadbreakers introduced their unique tournament had I ever heard of an organized road hockey event. I participated in the tournament for two years with my friends and had a great time doing so. First of all it was a great opportunity for those not able to play ice hockey to participate in a fun tournament and not be at a competitive disadvantage with ice hockey players. Secondly, it provided a friendly environment where kids could meet new friends while actively participating in a sport they really enjoyed. I met many new friends along the way whom I am still good friends with today. Wishing many more years of continued success.

Mark Walter, Cambridge, Ontario


Roadbreakers is the greatest youth organization that I have ever been a part of. I have had the pleasure of being involved for 14 years in helping to organize and present the tournament. Roadbreakers is a finely tuned machine, very easy to run because the organizing committee has it down to a science. What started as the grassroots brainchild of three friends in Waterloo has blossomed into a huge professional looking event. There are few experiences like standing in the huge Roadbreakers parking lot on the morning of tournament day and seeing over a thousand kids pumped up and ready to rock on our 20+ rinks. Everyone loves it and they keep coming and making it better every year. Congratulations to Gary, Tim and Charlie for still doing their “Rock and Roll Duty” 23 years later and watching their dream grow and grow!!

Paul Gladding, Waterloo, Ontario


I would like to thank your organization for a fantastic day and incredibly well run event. Our kids had the times of their lives and despite how competitive some games get I was impressed at how well the organizers were able to keep everyone level headed. They intervened when needed to prevent things from getting out of hand and reminded everyone of the intent and spirit of the tournament, FUN!! We will definitely be back next year and hope to convince more of our friends to participate. Congratulations!

Steve Prentice, Waterloo, Ontario

Congratulations on another great weekend! For several years my children have participated in your tournament. Every year it gets better and better -if that’s possible. The addition of the team photos this year through Zehrs was an outstanding idea. Also, the food voucher was another great idea. The kids love anything that is free. I also must add that I heard more comments from participants with regard to the “awesome” design on the t-shirts this year. Hats off to your group for once again demonstrating an exceptional job!! My boys’ teams have yet to go beyond three games, sometimes only two, but they always have a great time! Looking forward to next year.

Melissa, Waterloo, Ontario