The Unsung Heroes

The organizing committee never gets the opportunity to properly thank all the volunteers who give of their time to make sure that each and every Roadbreakers Road Hockey Tournament is a success. As such we have dedicated this section of our web-site to pay tribute to the hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals who have helped us along the way and many of which who have helped us every step of the way.

In doing so, we have taken a moment to walk down memory lane to relive some of the highlights and turning points to recruiting, training, and organizing our help over the past thirty years. We hope that you enjoy this little journey back through time and if we haven’t acknowledged your efforts or if you know of someone that we have left out please let us know by sending us an email at waterloo@roadbreakers.ca and we will be sure to update our records and content.

From all of us to all of you: THANK YOU!

Look What 150 Close Friends Can Do!

You never know where a good idea and a conversation between three old friends might go! But now we do. Thirty years later and over a thousand different volunteers, Roadbreakers definitely understands and values the importance that each and every volunteer brings to our annual tournament. For without the tireless contribution of our volunteers there is no tournament.

It was easy, or at least we thought it was, for the original committee of eight organizers to recruit a couple hundred “close” friends. These friends then were trained to ensure that the right teams were in the right place, games started on time, the participants understood the rules, scores were kept and games kept moving.

But as time went by our friends pursued their careers, got married, started raising families and unfortunately had less and less time to spend with us. You’re forgiven!!

Back To School!

So it was back to school for Roadbreakers for we had the opportunity and the pleasure of being a part of Wilfrid Laurier University’s physical education program and to work with many young university students. As part of the program’s curriculum, students had to start and hold a community event. This worked out great for the students needed an event and Roadbreakers needed volunteers.

This was a great moment for Roadbreakers for it forced us to establish some policies and procedures and eventually a “start-up manual” so that we didn’t have to “re-invent the wheel” every year. At the same time it was somewhat difficult for each year a new group of very keen but “green” students arrived on the scene. “We love you all”.

Find Me “ONE” Good Reason

Well after ten years, ten different youth charities and about $75,000 in charitable proceeds we got a little smarter. The key word there is “little”. Why not partner with just one charity and by doing so ensure that the annual proceeds go to a solid, worthy, long term recipient whereby we can make a difference in their world and maybe, just maybe, they can make a difference in our world.

So with the help and support of a few hundred new recruits and $175,000 in charitable proceeds later, no one would say Neighhhhhhh to our charity-of-choice, Pride Stables and their therapeutic horseback riding facility for mentally and physically disabled children. Giddy-up partner, I think we’re in for a long ride.

So Who Needs Some Hours?

Who says that our government never listens? Roadbreakers said “we need some new young volunteers” and Johnnie on the spot was the provincial government mandating that every secondary student in the province must earn 40 hours of community service in order to graduate. And low and behold Roadbreakers is not only a cool thing to do it’s a very cool place to volunteer. Thank you provincial government and to the hundreds of students who have earned hours helping us hold our annual road hockey tournament. Hotdog anyone?

“Doctor Food” Makes A House Call

After many, many years of volunteering for this and that, Ken Feeney aka “Doctor Food” said you guys have this food thing all wrong. “Move aside fellows and let me take care of this patient”, said Ken and Roadbreakers has never looked back. Ken and his well trained surgical team has taken what was once a “pain in the neck” and has created an event unto itself and one which is organized each year for only two reasons: feed the masses and make loads of proceeds for the charity. A few thousand hotdogs and hundreds of great volunteers later, Ken has rightfully earned his Phd in food preparation and distribution. Nurse, more onions please!!!!

Calling All Moms and Dads!!!

So what do you do when you don’t know 250 people who can all help you on the last Saturday of April every year? Look around you. And that’s just what we did.

Every year we have hundreds of children participate in our tournament and most, if not all, bring mom, dad, brother, sister and the dog. So why not ask for some help? Most want to help anyway for they can be found yelling words of encouragement from time to time. Why not let them yell “ball in”, “sticks down” and “come on guys, let’s just have some fun”?

It sounds crazy enough to work and that it did. For the past four years moms and dads have been monitoring and game keeping each and every game. “Nice shot”, says mom, “Good goal”, says dad.

“Thanks for being on our bench”, say the Roadbreakers.

To The Parking Lot And Beyond!!!

Whether it’s monitoring games in U of W Parking Lot C, or recording registration forms a few weeks before the tournament, Roadbreakers doesn’t happen without the commitment and dedication of hundreds of volunteers each and every year. We appreciate everything you do for us, for the kids and most of all, our charity of choice, Pride Stables. Salute!!!

Next year will be no different. We will need your help.

Please join us as we expand Roadbreakers to a Parking Lot “Far, Far Away” and all of them in between!